Alexander Rothman

Board Member

Alex Rothman is the founder and CEO of Theron Technology Solutions, which deploys a unified team to provide sector-specific strategy and tech infrastructure expertise to audit, prescribe, build and maintain tailored enterprise technologies to, identify, interpret and implement efficiencies that propel business forward.

He was formerly chief product officer for SMS Assist, helping it grow into a leading cloud-based property management platform. Rothman founded the technology teams at SMS Assist, delivering innovative solutions for enterprise property management. During his decade as chief product officer, he leveraged new technologies to deliver transparency, cost-value and control for customers. In his role at SMS Assist he oversaw more than 1.7 million hours of technology development and oversight generating business solutions for more than 20,000 certified affiliate contractors representing an estimated 500,000 technicians across 45 service lines in six industries at greater than 140,000 client locations.

His ingenuity and leadership helped SMS Assist earn recognition for being in the Built in Chicago’s list of Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago in both 2015 and 2016, and Alex is among the 2017 Digital Edge 50 award winners. SMS Assist was also recognized with the Moxie Award for Best Enterprise Web Company in 2015 and the Chicago Innovation Award for Technology in 2012.

Rothman graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both Finance and Entrepreneurship. In addition to his role at Theron Technology Solutions, he is managing partner of Discidium Venture Partners, Private Equity focused on high growth companies disrupting markets, and remains an SMS Assist board member and stakeholder.