You pass up 3 necessities when you take on commercial floor care alone

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Heads-up! Keep your PRSM login information handy as we dive into the ways a facilities maintenance partner simplifies floor care.

Sixty-nine percent of nationwide retailers schedule recurring floor care services at more than half of their locations, but a majority of stores don’t have the necessary support they need. The execution of a thoughtful floor care program can be difficult for store managers to complete on their own, but a facilities maintenance partner can provide the necessary support through the following benefits.

1. Best Practices and Expert Advice

Ensuring store employees know the proper care instructions for commercial flooring involves constant communication about frequency, chemicals and service. Reminders and memos can increase the workload for the regional, district and store level managers, but a facilities maintenance partner is always available to answer questions and provide the best practices when it comes to maintaining floor care between recurring strip-and-wax services.

For example, if your retail locations have vinyl composition tile floors, a facilities maintenance partner can provide subject matter expertise to all locations and steer your store employees away from using hot water and traditional cleaning products when mopping the floors. Hot water tends to cause an opaque appearance in the wax making your floors look yellow and traditional cleaning products like bleach and ammonia eat up the wax and lead to bare floors. Proper maintenance instructions like the examples above can avoid costly floor repairs and total replacements.

2. Compliant and Reliable Strategies

The completion of a work order involves a lot of back and forth between the store manager, company stakeholders and the service provider. Price and schedule verification is often an issue, but a facilities maintenance partner already has a relationship with a network of contractors, a work order process and service-level agreements.

For example, immediate attention to retail flooring is necessary during gondola movements to provide optimal customer experience. During this service, a floor care provider must spot-strip the area where the gondolas once stood and perform a full strip-and-wax service to the entire store, all in a two-night period. A trustworthy facilities maintenance partner is available to track key performance indicators throughout the service and avoid return trips to ensure the job reaches completion to the satisfaction of the location’s manager.

3. Simplified Communication Through Technology

Small tasks take more effort to complete with a delayed communication process. A facilities maintenance partner that offers simplified, intuitive and up-to-date technology allows a contractor to verify services through a mobile app while they are on site. Streamlined communication through technology avoids downtime and ensures work orders are resolved before they affect the store’s brand perception.

For example, if an SMS Assist service provider encounters a tough stain while performing a recurring scrub-and-buff service, that Affiliate can use the One by SMS Assist mobile app to request and receive approval to move forward with the spot-strip-and-wax service. After finishing the service, the Affiliate can upload the before and after photos of their work to verify the service is completed. By using technology, the store manager doesn’t have to get involved and the stain is handled accordingly.

How to Find the Best Solution

A recurring floor care plan tends to take up 21 percent of a company’s total repair and maintenance budget, so it is important for a company to get the most out of their spend by receiving benefits like the examples above. If your company is attempting to build out an internal janitorial program for all of your locations, PRSM has created a specialized tool that can match cleaning programs and janitorial spend that will meet your budget. If you want to learn more about the benefits of partnering with a facilities maintenance partner, you can request a demo from SMS Assist to learn about our services.