Why you should put landscaping services on your spring-cleaning checklist

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You’ve cleaned out your closet and scrubbed your floors, but what about your company’s spring-cleaning checklist? As warmer weather approaches, now’s the time to think about landscaping services for your facilities.

Below are a few reasons why landscaping services should be a top priority for your exterior facilities management plan:

1. Landscaping Can Help Make a Positive First Impression

Potential clients and customers first impression of your business can have a large influence on whether or not they decide to use your services or buy your products. Landscaping services encompass far more than just lawn mowing. Done well they help create and maintain a living marquis for your business by using nature’s broad canvas of beautifully colored plants and other natural materials. Attractive grounds around your building can tell them a lot about what to expect from your company and can help your company’s image.

2. Landscaping Can Help Communicate Your Brand

When you’ve devoted time and resources to creating a landscape that communicates your unique brand and mission, you want to ensure that investment stays beautiful year round. Your landscaping has the power to tell a story every time a user visits your facility. A well-kept landscape is impressive and shows that you care about your company and the experience your customers have when engaging with your business. Make sure your mission and image stay consistent by making landscaping part of your facilities management plan.

3. Sustainable Landscaping can Conserve Costs and Resources

Investing in sustainable landscaping can have a positive impact on both your environment and your landscaping costs over time. In addition, new water regulations may prompt you to re-think your current landscape design and opt for a more cost- and environmentally-friendly landscaping solution. Sustainable landscaping seeks to reduce costs over time through less water usage or by reducing maintenance service frequencies. However, you’ll still need an experienced landscaping team who knows how to employ sustainable practices to make sure your landscaping stays sustainable and beautiful throughout the seasons.

SMS Assist Is Here To Help

Make landscaping part of your facilities management plan today to make sure your facility stays stunning all year round. From detailed landscaping services to routine mowing, SMS Assists has a nationwide Affiliate network that can help you meet your landscaping needs and save you time and money. Contact SMS Assist today to learn more, and see why we have the best property maintenance solution available.