We’re fixing the business of fixing things

SMS Assist is taking a strategic approach to maintenance—offering more control and reduced costs—so you can make smarter decisions for the future of your business.

How we’re doing it

  • One by SMS Assist™

    A platform that provides visibility into the quality and timing of service, delivers faster solutions, informs data-driven decisions, and so much more.

  • Our provider network

    An expert network of 20,000 service providers that are thoroughly vetted and continuously optimized to ensure each service meets the SMS Assist standard.

  • Our dedicated teams

    SMSers care deeply about your business and your customers. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to ensure your facilities are maintained properly.

Where we’re doing it

A track record of success

We saved one of the largest retail banks 8% of its annual spend

Our technology platform and data-rich approach to expert service helped the bank reduce costs and improve performance.

Getting the most out of your facilities management budget

SMS Assist worked with a retailer to build a transparent budget program that leverages every last penny of its valuable facilities management spend.

Let’s work together to take a strategic approach to your facilities maintenance program.