Cultivate your landscaping program

Why an integrated services partnership is your key to landscaping program savings, performance, flexibility, and support.

How to plan for facilities success in 2022

By applying a more tailored, data-driven approach to each of your locations, you’ll be better equipped to control costs, maintain consistency, and deliver greater value to your customers in the year ahead.

3 common ways you might be overpaying for electricity

Businesses throughout the United States waste a combined $300 billion on electricity every year. Your facilities strategy can help ensure you’re not among those overpaying.

Customers will pay more for a better experience—your facilities play a part

Research shows that customer experience is more important than ever to today’s consumers. Your facilities program is central to great customer experiences.

3 reasons to invest in a preventative maintenance strategy

It’s easy enough to understand the value of getting something fixed right away. But the value of preventative maintenance isn’t always obvious. If something isn’t broken, does it really need to be fixed?

Save on maintenance costs by bundling work orders

One effective way to create strategic facilities savings is to bundle work orders together. Over time, you’ll notice significant savings from far fewer trip charges billed to your account.

Do your facilities reflect your company values?

Done right, FM reflects a deep command of your organization’s strategy—and a nuanced understanding of the values that guide your business.

What the Internet of Things means for your facilities

The Internet of Things (IoT) more closely integrates physical spaces with data capture and processing capabilities, bringing more transparency, visibility, and performance information to any location.

Do more with your FM tech

Three ways to elevate your work order management and accomplish more for your portfolio.

Want to spend more on facilities? Look for the cheapest labor rate

It sounds like a no-brainer: If you spend less by the hour per job, you’ll spend less on maintenance overall. The truth is a bit more complicated.

5 ways your facilities program can de-risk your business

How your company handles maintenance communicates a lot about its values, and what steps it’s willing to take to remain nimble and avoid unnecessary risk for itself, its customers, and its hired associates.

Deliver a better customer experience while saving 5-20% on your maintenance program.

Our goal is to ensure that your spaces are always at their best–that they’re clean, welcoming, fully functioning, and safe–so that your teams can focus entirely on the customer and your brand’s desired outcomes.

Prepare your restaurants for anything

Use this checklist to ensure operations that are smooth, sensible, and in line with the latest public guidelines.

Food being served to excited family

Do you have coastal locations?

Salt air could be damaging your HVAC units within 50 miles of the coast.

Restaurant operations guide

Your playbook for safe, smart, and effective operations as we navigate the ongoing pandemic.

Many pandemic trends are here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic forced facilities managers, restaurant staff, and customers to rethink the way they interact with restaurants. But new market research shows that a number of restaurant pandemic trends are here for the long term.

SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities

Our dedicated teams

SMSers care deeply about your restaurant business and your customers. Our 24/7 subject matter experts work tirelessly to ensure your facilities are maintained to the standards you and your diners expect.

Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities
Our provider network

Our nationwide network of more than 20,000 vetted and qualified service providers is experienced in restaurant facilities and is continuously optimized to ensure each service meets the SMS Assist standard.

Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities
One by SMS Assist™

A platform purpose-built for facilities, and tailored to your restaurant locations—it connects everything you know about your facilities, and integrates work order information, facilities documentation, and all stakeholders.

Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities
Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities Image of SMS Assist is redefining restaurant facilities

Facilities Maintenance Made Easy

SMS Assist delivers a solution for your facilities that is scalable and configurable—with access to our industry expertise, a network of service providers, and a proprietary technology platform.

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