One by SMS Assist

A platform for better facilities management.

Manage your work orders, streamline your processes, and control your costs.

Streamline your work orders

Simplify work order creation. Pinpoint maintenance needs with confidence and ease. Make it possible to get the right fix, the first time, at the time requested.

Validate that work is completed

Follow the story of maintenance across your portfolio. You’ll know when providers arrive on site, what assets were serviced, and for how long. See before and after photos backed by timestamps and GPS details.

Make smarter maintenance choices

Execute cost-effective strategies revealed by data. Plan ahead for the future of repairs, replacements, and work deferments for the assets that help your business run.

Spend where it makes sense

Limit maintenance trip costs, adjust spend priorities, and rebill work orders according to lease agreements. Get actionable insights based on data gathered on each of your locations in real time.

Get more from your technicians

Your in-house maintenance teams will do more with the resources they already have. Reduce trip times, bundle work orders together, and balance team workloads to appropriately assign work.

A track record of success

We saved one of the largest retail banks 8% of its annual spend

Technology and expert service reduced costs and improved performance.

We improved a major home rental service’s technician productivity by 50%

Management tools built into our platform helped techs do more with what they already have.

See One by SMS Assist in action.