Streamlining the facilities program of one of the nation’s largest delivery and logistics institutions

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At a glance

The backstoryThe problemOur solution
A leading national delivery institution sourced FM services from a wide swath of service providers, and wanted to eliminate program inefficiencies in performance and spend.With too many service providers and unclear coverage responsibilities, they struggled with inconsistent service, complex contract negotiations, and problems with invoices and payments.With our program, we brought all their facilities needs under one roof—simplifying provider selection, contracting, service delivery, payments, and performance management.

Background and pain points

One of the largest delivery and logistics institutions struggled with an inefficient and overly complex facilities management program. They sourced maintenance services from a lengthy list of different providers, which made ongoing contract negotiations a serious hassle.

And since provider responsibilities got lost in translation over time, work orders were inconsistently performed. To solve these problems, we took a high-level view of their needs, transitioned them away from incumbent providers, and ensured consistent service delivery and data-driven facilities consultation.

Delivering exceptional results

Our pilot program initially managed 70 locations, but patterns of superior results quickly expanded our reach to more than 1,500 locations across the country.

Established competitive rates in all regions
The institution was accustomed to negotiating with dozens of independent providers and dealing with wildly different rates. By contrast, we secured competitive rates in every market, for all services.

Guaranteed depth of provider coverage
Our strong provider network delivered high-quality service for every one of the institution’s locations—even when demand rose unexpectedly or when emergencies cropped up.

Ensured uninterrupted access for delivery vehicles
Our exteriors and landscaping services provided unobstructed entrance and exit for the institution’s delivery vehicles—eliminating the negative impact that snow, ice, and other obstacles often posed.

Consolidated contracts and billing
We handled all the details of contract negotiation and compliance, provider credentialing, and service renewal agreements. Our consolidated billing relieved the trouble of managing hundreds of invoices every month.

Predicted service needs
To prevent service gaps at any location, we generated predictive models based on historical service needs, weather data, and patterns of demand.

Tailored reporting and dashboards
We created customized reporting and dashboards to target the institution’s specific outcomes, capturing over 1,000 data points for every work order—and in real time.

Key takeaways

How our program made the difference:

  • Consolidated a complex maintenance program for more than 1,500 locations.
  • Achieved competitive rates and total visibility in every region.
  • Ongoing performance management ensures optimized performance and savings.