Kevin McDunn

Chief Product Officer

Kevin McDunn has always had a passion for finding value at the intersection of customer insights and emerging technologies.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago in hand, Kevin began working at Motorola, where he would go on to spend the first 27 years of his career. He initially worked on cellular infrastructure, leading teams in applied inventions that shrank the equipment size, thereby enabling the massive expansion of the cellular industry. After seeing an opportunity for other industries to also benefit from these technologies, he joined the Corporate Strategy and Technology teams, where he generated new revenue streams from patents and incubated businesses over the next four years.

This led him to a program sponsored by Lancaster University, INSEAD, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, through which he earned an international master’s in management. He picked up a strategic set of tools that he put to use working in business development at Motorola. Kevin was then recruited into Motorola Mobility, the division of Motorola that builds consumer-facing products—like smart phones and wearables. He was brought in to create sustainable differentiation for the business through consumer experience innovation.

In 2012, Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google. There, Kevin was promoted to head of software experiences for the smartphone business. When Google later sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, Kevin led strategy and execution across the full suite of experiences, software, and services at Lenovo.

Most recently, Kevin was the chief product officer at UI LABS (now known as MxD), where he developed a strategic digital manufacturing investment plan that maximized value creation for more than 300 industry, academic, start-up, and government institutions.

Now, as the chief product officer at SMS Assist, Kevin is at the helm of the Product Management and UX teams. He works with teams across the company—as well as with customers and Affiliates—to develop and execute a product innovation strategy and roadmap. Once again, Kevin can put to work his passion for bringing together customer insights and new technologies.