Josh Lessack

Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations

Josh is an experienced operational manager who has worked with retail, restaurant, hospitality, industrial and residential clients for more than 10 years. He has exhibited the ability to lead and motivate teams of all sizes, maintain a high employee retention rate, reduce client costs while maintaining profitability and assist with IT development, revenue growth and affiliate management.

Josh started at an early age in the construction field building residential homes and strip malls. He later began his own retail construction company serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. He joined SMS Assist as an operations associate in 2006 and has found himself involved with various functions of the company. With his guidance, the SMS Property Management Department consists of trained operations associates, team leads, subject-matter experts, vendor managers, procurement managers and data analysts.

Josh is very involved in all processes with clients from conception to implementation to ensure their needs are being exceeded and continues to work intimately with each to help build strategic, long-term plans.