Why your landscaping program will benefit from an integrated services partnership in 2022

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Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before, making every detail of your customer experience more significant. Your customers have always had options, but now the alternatives are easier to find.

Recent customer research suggests that first impressions are critical to lasting customer trust. Roughly one in five people say they won’t return to a business if they suffered a bad first impression.

And when it comes to first impressions, your landscaping program is critical. It’s what customers see as they approach your doors and will influence their overall opinion of your business.

Simply put, you’re more likely to win customer trust—and repeat business—when you demonstrate attention to detail. If your landscaping is of consistently high quality, customers will feel more confident in your ability to serve them across the board.

As you strategize for landscaping program success in the coming year, it’s worth considering a partnership with an integrated service provider—with the operational details handled for you, you’ll have even more time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

You’ll have round-the-clock dedicated support and greater flexibility

Building up your landscaping program for success can be time consuming and resource intensive.

You’ll need to review your active roster of qualified service providers, manage provider renewals, source new providers, determine landscaping program gaps, and manage for exceptions and reactive needs.

But in the meantime, you have a business to run and customers to serve.

An integrated service provider will supply your company’s landscaping program with round-the-clock dedicated support, both in operations and strategy.

You’ll have access to qualified, vetted providers to cover your landscaping needs across your portfolio. Renewals, contract negotiations, and provider sourcing will be handled on your behalf.

And if sudden needs arise, you’ll have access to 24/7 program support through a dedicated hotline. Operations and subject matter experts will be available for reactive and emergency support.

You’ll have more opportunities for cost savings

Left to its own devices, your landscaping program could easily grow to become a drain on your company’s resources.

Without the right program and strategy, your locations may not receive the landscaping service most suitable to their unique needs.

You might suffer from missed landscaping services, the wrong kinds of services, or excess services that provide no additional benefit or value to your portfolio.

Over time, your organization might be overspending on routine landscaping services improperly coded or categorized by service providers as special requests falling out of your program scope.

With an integrated provider to oversee the details of how landscaping services are handled throughout your portfolio, these common issues won’t become part of your program discussions.

Instead, you’ll reap the cost-savings benefits of a landscaping program entirely tailored to the specific needs of your locations—one that’s right-sized for service type, scoping needs, and overall frequency.

You’ll have greater location performance and enhanced visibility

At the end of the day, your landscaping program should be designed to create a great first impression for customers, generating the kind of initial interest that leads to lasting trust and improved brand value.

But it’s only possible if your program is designed for performance and visibility. Beyond sourcing, hiring, and maintaining the most qualified providers, you also need data analytics and reliable reporting.

Your partnership with an integrated services provider will provide access to insights about specific landscaping topics across your portfolio—about the locations, services, and individual providers that can be optimized to make a difference for your brand.

Data visibility will make it possible for you to intelligently adjust service details for landscaping work at specific locations, generating long-term performance and spend improvements without sacrificing quality.

Your landscaping program is essential for creating positive first impressions for your brand. But maintaining a high-quality program is almost always a strain on time and company resources.

From negotiating incumbent provider renewals to sourcing new providers, to managing all the elements that contribute to program quality throughout your portfolio, there’s a lot to consider.

Partnering with a trusted integrated services provider will help you achieve landscaping program success in the coming year, eliminating headaches and freeing up time so you can focus on customer satisfaction and brand strategy. Get in touch: weknowFM@smsassist.com.