Facilities Maintenance
made easy

Understanding your needs

Facilities Maintenance made easy

SMS Assist delivers a solution for your facilities that is scalable and configurable—with access to our industry expertise, a network of service providers, and a proprietary technology platform.

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When you partner with SMS Assist, you can…​

Create new efficiencies

You’ll see optimized performance and spend across your entire portfolio. We’ve re-engineered maintenance from the ground up, tailoring automated processes to your unique needs and applying a personalized human touch where it matters most.

Leverage industry expertise

Dedicated teams of subject matter experts are available 24/7 year round to diagnose facilities issues, dispatch exactly the right service provider, and offer support. Get personalized support from experts in operations, billing, compliance, and performance analytics.

Scale with ease

Facilities data tailored to your locations makes it easier for your business to grow, on schedule and on budget. We’re ready to scale with you as your needs change, no matter your number of locations or specialty trade requirements.

Limit risk

We’ll protect your business with our suite of claims management tools, from detailed work order history data and weather reporting to automatic dispatch for snow and ice management. And in addition to guaranteed provider insurance, you’ll be covered by our $61 million umbrella policy.

Better control cost

Our preventative maintenance strategies will ensure that you’re making the most of your assets, energy usage, and available capital. Plus, our automatic invoice and payment verification in our software ensures that billing inaccuracies are a thing of the past.

Tap into insights

Real time data capture in our technology is always being analyzed to create clear, actionable insights for your locations. Our data puts you in charge, so you’re more prepared to make high-impact decisions that help your brand further its mission.

We deliver better…​

Vendor Management = Trust

Insights & Analytics = Control

WO Lifecycle Management = Performance

Billing & Reconciliation = Efficiency

icon Vendor Management
icon Insights & Analytics
icon WO Lifecycle Management
icon Billing & Reconciliation

We’ve built a network of more than 20,000 trusted, thoroughly vetted and qualified vendors ready for work in 55 trades across all national geos.

  • Sourcing strategy & execution
  • Optimized data collection & credentialing
  • Risk mitigation & coverage redundancy
  • Ongoing gap & performance management
  • Streamlined contracted & onboarding
  • Proactive account management

Predictive analytics engines categorize spending and provide clear, succinct budgetary forecast so it’s easy to plan for financial and operational success.

  • Asset management
  • Service responsibility
  • Advanced reporting
  • Emergency & scenario planning
  • Outlier & trend reporting
  • Capital planning & more

Gain peace of mind with geo-tracked vendors. check-ins, verified before and after photos, detailed history notes and more for every work order fulfilled.

  • 24/7/365 in-house support teams
  • Performance & asset data capture
  • Dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Cost & threshold controls
  • Preventative & triage tools
  • Service resolution safeguards

Let concerns over invoices be a thing of the past. Billing and invoicing are consolidated, three way matched, and validated for accuracy.

  • Consolidated roll-up invoicing
  • Real-time, roll-up accrual reporting
  • Frictionless & de-risked vendor payment
  • Sync with customer accounting systems
  • Eliminate 1099s, B-notices & escheatment
  • Claims & risk management

Why iconic brands partner with SMS Assist​​

Better Quality

  • 24/7/365 subject matter expert support
  • Extensive work order histories, before & after photos, verified insurance
  • Rich data leveraged with every work order

Faster Service

  • Optimized travel times for faster service
  • Deep vendor coverage ensures consistent service
  • Demand forecasting prevents gaps in availability

Lower Cost

  • Maximize first-time fix rate across your portfolio
  • Avoid unnecessary work order costs with automatic reviews
  • Leverage data to continuously optimize spend

One by SMS Assist™

A powerful, easy-to-use technology platform a
single source of truth for facilities data and insights.

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Make smarter maintenance choices

Execute cost-effective strategies revealed by data. Plan ahead for the future of repairs, replacements, and work deferments for the assets that help your business run.

Our suite of services​​

We deliver reactive, recurring, and specialty services across more than 55 trades​

Landscaping Snow & ​ Ice Management

Weather alerts​​

Snow removal​​​


Hauling and stacking​

Slip-and-fall Insurance​​​



Parking lot sweeping,​

striping, repair, sealing​

Pressure washing

Specialty Trade Services

Restaurant equipment​

Equipment rentals​

Appliance repair​

Garage doors​


Energy mgmt. systems​​


Water extraction​​

Mold remediation​

Septic repairs​

Low voltage​

Concrete and masonry​

Project rollouts​​

Remodels and renovations​

Scheduled Services


Site surveys​​

Lighting retrofits and re-lamps​​

Preventive maintenance​

Capital projects​

Current Managed Services

Pest control​​​

Fire safety systems​​​

Hood and grease trap cleaning​

Gasoline management

Reactive Services






Doors and locks​​​





Parking lot repairs​



Reoccurring Floor Care

Sweep, scrub, and buff​

Concrete maintenance​

Carpet extraction​​

Strip and wax​

Scrub and recoat


Window washing